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wideshotHealthcare is personal. I know that when all the number crunching and analysis is done, it’s still personal – to you, to your patients, to your community – and it’s personal to me.

I have many years of operational healthcare revenue cycle expertise with Critical Access Hospitals and the diversity of their services (RHC’s, swing beds, ambulance, assisted living, SNF), rural hospitals, large urban hospitals and physician practices.CAH

My emphasis is Critical Access Hospitals and rural hospitals. I understand that despite being small, your world can be much more complex, with fewer resources, than urban hospitals.

Please take a look at how I can help you address some of your concerns, and see About Us for a better picture of my experience. I can help you outline a path for success for your health care facility in various spheres of focus. I’m dedicated to continually improving the health of health care. In an environment that can be inhospitable for the financial health of hospitals and providers, I have made it my long term career focus to aid providers in not only surviving, but growing and prospering.

I can do more than simply hand you a report. I partner with you to help you achieve your revenue cycle initiatives so you can focus on your mission.

Be sure to see my  blog. I frequently update this area with items that are new or I think would be of interest to my clients. You can browse articles by topic and easily subscribe to the blog so that any time I have an update or documentation, you receive an email with the topic and a link to get the information.

I’d like you to consider dmgordonconsulting and how I can be of any help to your organization or practice in any of the areas of my expertise, I’d enjoy serving you. I hope to hear from you soon.

Diane Meredith-Gordon
Formerly as Smart Cookies Consulting

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